LessAdmin opens office in San Francisco

Never too early for the USA

LessAdmin now has an office in San Francisco just in time for the America’s Cup. Not that those guys need LessAdmin. They really should have some systems in place and based on the budgets they are playing with I am sure they have SAP installed, apart from the Oracle team!!

The one thing that we learnt from growing Nimbus is that you can’t attack the US market too early. At Nimbus we left it way too late, and even when we launched in the US we were only dipping our toe in the water.  It wasn’t until the CEO and COO of Nimbus relocated with their families to the Bay Area that US corporates took Nimbus seriously. What the US market requires is commitment – “Go big or go home”.

This time, it is a little different as LessAdmin is a B2C that is web based rather than B2B application. So no need for an enterprise sales team trying to persuade corporates to take a risk on a startup. LessAdmin will succeed or fail based on choosing the right market with a very clear and compelling proposition, and then having a really simple and elegant application which “just works”.

Web based means world-wide from day 1

LessAdmin has been designed from day 1 to be fully internationalised – yes American and English are different. And only a few weeks into Beta we already have users around the world. That is the power of a web based app and viral marketing. Based on where a user registers, the app knows the location and automatically changes the screens, default currencies, error messages and notification emails.  Neat.

This is based on the experience of the team who understand how to build scalable, secure enterprise applications. This is a far cry from the “2 students in a dorm room fuelled by RedBull hacking out an app and then scrambling to keep it running”. LessAdmin is proving to be robust and stable. But then it should be. That is why it wasn’t rushed out and has had the right level of investment.

Smart money is in San Francisco

The new office is downtown in the cosmopolitan city, rather than in the cultural wasteland that is Silicon Valley. But we are not alone. Many of the hottest Silicon Valley startups such as Yammer, Eventbrite, Twitter and Airbnb are in SoMA (South of Market) and the Wall Street Journal coined the phrase Silicon Valley North. A staggering 94,000 people are estimated to be working in tech in the City, but that is understandable as the BART public transport systems are good so it enables employees to live in the cheaper East Bay and commute to work easily rather than waste their lives gridlocked on the 101.

Finally, the Venture Capital money which lives down the road in Silicon Valley is increasingly investing in startups in the city.  Benchmark Capital has just opened an office in the city and partner Peter Fenton explained the company’s decision

Our move to the city speaks to a change in the entrepreneurial landscape. Two out of every three new investments we have made since 2009 have been in San Francisco. Our partners currently sit on more than 20 boards in San Francisco including Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, Uber, NewRelic, Zendesk, Dotcloud, Asana, OpenTable, DemandForce, NextDoor, ServiceSource, Lithium, Marin Software, 1Life, Second Life, Coverity, EngineYard, Couchsurfing, Grockit and Pipewise.

So we at LessAdmin are very excited about the establishing a based in the US and new office and see this as a critical step in the path to world domination.