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LessAdmin vCards are so cool. They empty your Inbox

LessAdmin is great for managing assets (like a boat), plus related documents, manuals and certificates. But the real power is the projects attached to an asset like “2013 campaign” or “European Champs”.  Every project is like a combination of Facebook (posting notes and photos), Dropbox (sharing files) and Excel (tracking costs). Projects can even have Jobs if you want to assign it to someone else and track costs at an even lower level.

So what about vCards.  Every project and job has a vCard, which contains its unique email address which you can download to your address book. That means you can email anything – file, photo or just a note  – directly to a Project or Job.  No need to log onto LessAdmin.

For example:  You are racing on the boat on Sunday and you bend the gooseneck. Not an issue. Take a photo and email it to the Job which is assigned to whoever does your boat maintenance. They will be notified by email, can log into LessAdmin to look at the photo and your notes and can get on it on Monday morning.

For example: You get send an invoice for boat delivery or crew kit by email. Just email it to the correct Project or Job. That way you know where to find it and it is not gathering dust at the bottom of your inbox.

For example: You are sent confirmation details of the hotel the crew are all staying. Email it straight onto the project. LessAdmin will automatically inform all the crew (friends of the project). At the details are backed up in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere. So no lst minute panic phone calls because people haven’t copied down the details before they left home.

How many emails in your Inbox are still there because you need the content or attached file later, but don’t know where to save it so you can find it?  With this new LessAdmin feature you can empty your Inbox.