Please don’t break our America’s Cup boat

The America’s Cup teams are battling it out in Naples in the AC45 catamarans. Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 18.24.57

Last year heavy winds meant there was carnage, capsizes and damage. It pushed the crews and the boats to the limit ….  and beyond.

Scenes from last year are in the photo opposite. This is is Artemis “going down the mine”

This year, day 1 was lighter conditions, but still the boats are travelling at 20knots so the closing speeds still mean that any collision will turn these high performance catamarans into an expensive skip-full of carbon fibre splinters.

The Red Bull Youth Teams will be sailing the AC45 boats in September in San Francisco. The 10 teams will get hold of the AC45s in Late July once they have been rebranded Red Bull. So the youth teams will be watching the senior teams to pick up more tips and tricks in sailing these boats as they have had limited chance to sail them. A couple of lucky youth skippers were given the chance to race in Naples. But would they rise to the occasion or wither under the pressure of the big event with the world watching on?

But there is another concern at the back of the minds of the youth teams. Will the AC45 be damaged in the last event of the series? Because that could delay them getting the boats back in San Francisco to practice in. An a deciding factor in the end result is getting sufficient time in the boats.  The LessAdmin.com sponsored ASYF team has an SL33 catamaran for full time practice, but they are desperately keep to get their hands on the Oracle Ac45.

Whilst Day 1 uneventful with lighter winds, the teams were pushing harder on Day 2 with Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa involved in hard, but avoidable collision.

Racing from Day 2

Strong performances by ORACLE TEAM USA SLINGSBY and Energy Team along with a jarring collision between Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa Challenge were the hallmarks of Day 2 at America’s Cup World Series Naples.