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Everything else in your life is managed professionally.

Your company.
Your employees.
Your money.

But not your boat and racing crew…

No wonder it’s such a struggle. Or at best, not the well-oiled machine it could be.

That’s where Less Admin comes in.

Built by some of the best IT executives in the world, Less Admin brings Fortune 500 technology to yacht management–to your phone, tablet and laptop.

Their web-based service lets you:

-Manage the documents, invoices, certificates and manuals for your boat
-Track campaigns and manage events
-Assign tasks and jobs to crew members or suppliers
-Set reminders and alerts to avoid missing critical inspections or deadlines
-& so much more

All through the cloud, with complete privacy, security and ease.

We all know that 90% of the race is won before you hit the start line. Less Admin reduces the time and hassle getting your boat and crew to the event in a position to win so you can focus on what’s important. So you can win–and enjoy life.

End the panic, the headache and risk. Try a free trial of Less Admin today.