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Review panel announced and scope of work: scenes from Yes Minister?

Yes_Minister_opening_titlesAt 10pm today they announced the review panel who will decide on the approach to be taken to scope the investigation strategy that will determine the overall aspects that can be considered relevant and valid when the entire America’s Cup program is reviewed in the fullness of time.
Yes Murray (or should I say Yes Minister).

However, they understand that “time is of the essence” and that they will be able to have “something significant to talk about” in a couple of weeks. However, they seem to be tied to the police report timetable and do not want to get ahead of their work.

The focus is on how to make the event safer for everyone.

It is expected that all 4 teams will compete, but it has not been confirmed. The announcement was the race will go on. The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup will go on and is not affected. Each of the Red Bull Youth teams  has been spoken to and all are keen to continue, however the German team do not have their international federation’s support.

Review and recommendations vs Cup “on schedule”

The scope of the recommendations could include when and where to sail, wind strengths, boat design, the safety equipment and procedures. But if the review committee takes 2 weeks or more to report back. At that point there are fewer than 5 weeks before the start of the Louis Vuitton to implement and prove any changes that are suggested. If these recommendations are associated with the design or build of the AC72s then this looks to be an impossible task.