LessAdmin really is Less Admin – buying a house

We are buying a house in the USA.  A scary prospect because it is all different from the UK. But a perfect chance to use LessAdmin in anger.

So I set up the house as an Asset and made my wife the Co-owner and added a Project called Purchase and added our broker and a member of his team as Friends. I told the broker that I was using LessAdmin for the purchase and he didn’t complain. Well, not to me at least.

At first it seemed a little OTT, Surely we could have simply corresponded with emails making sure we cc’d the right people.

Within just 3 days there were different notes added to the Project. The contract. The Escrow details. The organisation of the site visit and inspections. Suddenly all correspondence was being put in the comments back and forth and each time the relevant parties were automatically notified. Now we had the audit history of the discussions all in one place, making it so much easier.

And we haven;t really got started yet. Just wait for the discussions around each of the inspection reports.