Get the LessAdmin habit… Make your insurance claim stick

If it hasn’t happened to you, sadly it will soon.  If it has, you will appreciate the latest feature that has been added to LessAdmin. What I am referring to is “making an insurance claim” and then finding that the insurance company wriggles out of paying because you can’t find the proof of purchase.

Now there is a simple way around that.

1. Set up an Asset called “Guarantees”

2. Get the unique email address for the Asset, so you can email documents directly to it. There is a button in the left column under the Asset image called  “Download the vcard”. A vcard which is the file that contains the unique email address for that Asset. If you double click on the vcard file you have downloaded it will create a contact into your address book with the email address of the Asset. The contact will start “LA-” and then have the name of the Asset so it is easy to find.

3. Every time you buy something, take a photo with your phone of the receipt next to the item and email it into your LessAdmin Asset called Guarantees. It will be added as an Asset Document. If there is more than one attachment for the email the only FIRST one will be added.

Simple, easy, quick.

Then when you do need to make a claim all the information is there waiting for you.

BTW  Every one of your Projects and Jobs has a unique email address (vcard). When you email into a Project or Job the email content, and attachments are loaded as Project or Job Notes.