Everyone head over to LessEventAdmin…. that’s where the action is.

LessAdmin.com is a great idea but we have been told “Less Admin feels like more admin”. That is because most people do NO ADMIN. We’ve looked at lots of B2C markets – racing yachts, 2nd and rental homes, racing cars, horses – and came to the conclusion we should do what we know best which is B2B.

Looking a the possible B2B markets, the most obvious is “running events”. Running an event involves lots of different people, both inside and outside the company, required a collaborative effort, has a level of urgency driven by a deadline, and involves a lot of cost and therefore risk.

A perfect market.

So we have cloned the LessAdmin software and created LessEventAdmin.

LessAdmin still exists and will continue to run.

But what it does mean is that all the promotion effort, Americas Cup sponsorship, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook – and blogging – will all be focused on LessEventAdmin.

So if you’ve enjoyed reading this blog can I ask you to “change channels” and head over to the LessEventAdmin blog